Fitness for Corporate

Why We’re Different….

Personalized Approach

Each client will go through an in-depth consultation to develop a program tailored to their specific needs (equipment, injuries, goals etc.)

Corporate Competition

Each client will compete individually or by team in a weekly or monthly challenge. Track progress of your success through our leaderboard and win prizes


Each client will receive an easy to use app and integrations with fit-bit and my-fitness pal which will be sent directly to their Fitness Coach and Dietician


Regular check-ins with your Fitness Coach and Dietician depending on the program length

Fitness and Nutrition

A comprehensive program that includes fitness and nutrition to ensure success

Guaranteed Results

Real metrics to back up the success of your team

Some Facts

“This research suggests that investing in and supporting employee health brings substantial benefits to both employers and employees. ” -2016, Albrecht

“….reveals that the return on investment for well-designed and run employee wellness programs can be has high as 6-to-1” -2015, Harvard Business School

“…25 unnecessary emergency department visits can easily save $50,000, while preventing four inpatient stays can save at least $100,000. Savings like these are not unrealistic for a 2,000-employee company” -2016,

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