EP Health encourages Canadian Corporate Wellness to Hurry Up

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Attention: Canadian Employers: 

I wanted to quickly chat about the Canadian Corporate Wellness space. To say, “you need to catch up” would be a polite statement and may go along with my Canadian stereotype. However, this statement rings true on many levels.

“The number of employers providing wellness programs has increased in many countries. Among these countries, Canada remains one of the least developed markets despite the close proximity to the United States” (Lowensteyn et al, 2018).

Clearly, the incentives of our healthcare system are different from our southern neighbours, so that has changed the acceleration of the marketplace in the United States. That said, the facts and figures are clear and the ability for Canadian employers to be a real first mover is evident.

“The limited support for wellness programs in Canada may be due to the fact that Canadian employers contribute only modestly to the health care costs of their employees given a national health care program that covers most inpatient, outpatient, and physician costs. Nonetheless, there is a growing interest in workplace wellness programs, as the health care costs covered by Canadian employers rise due to the increasing costs of drug plans, paramedical benefits, and long-term disability coverage” (Lowensteyn et al, 2018).

Most employers are looking to improve recruitment, retainment, and engagement but generally, employers in Canada are not willing to take that next step to really stand-out.

Do you do lunch or learns or a discounted fitness membership? The reality is those don’t work. You may think you’re doing some good, which you are to a certain extent, but in the end, you have no idea how to track the dollars spent or health analytics. This “one-size-fits-all” program is not the most effective wellness solution.

If your current corporate wellness solution still does not include a personal approach, then you need to re-think your strategy. Without providing a personalized program, you risk having a low rate of engagement or more likely engaging the same small percentage of individuals.

My call-out is for innovative Canadian employers to seriously examine their wellness strategy and to take the next step in becoming a stand-out in their space. There are massive opportunities which are beneficial to all employers and not just for the giant Canadian brands such as Telus, Rogers, Lululemon, etc. Government, Education, Financial, Legal, and Private sectors all have massive opportunities to stand-out from their competitors to attract the best talent and increase employee engagement.

If your team is ready to stand out from its competitors, then let’s set up a Wellness Strategy Call (Click here).


Angus Burke

Founder of EP Health


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