🚩 3 Strategies to Improve Company Culture through Wellness

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Company culture and wellness can often be overlooked as a contributing factor to effectiveness, morale, recruiting and retention. But in reality, it’s integral for companies to assess the tone of how they want to shape their company culture and wellness can become a major factor.

“Meta-analysis on organization wellness programs indicated that employee participation in wellness programs was associated with lower absenteeism and higher job satisfaction” (Richardson, 2017).

Using wellness programs to increase company culture not only can be fun but also can impact retention and recruitment in a positive way.

“Furthermore, wellness programs help to create a positive attitude that makes employees feel cared about and happy with their organization” (Richardson, 2017)

3 Effective Wellness Challenges (That work for everyone)

  1. Step Challenge (i.e. 10K steps)
  2. Eat something Green (i.e. eat 2 different green vegetables each day)
  3. H20 Challenge (i..e. Drink 2 litres of water each day)

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Angus Burke

Founder, EP Health

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