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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12th, 2020

EP Health partners with WellteQ and forms COVID-19 plan


Vancouver, B.C.: EP Health’s CEO Angus Burke announced today that they’ve partnered up with APAC’s #1 Corporate Wellness company WellteQ. WellteQ is a powerful AI-driven personalized wellness solution that encompasses telemedicine, wellness, mental health, and financial literacy.


  1. User engagement – user value means more users and more data. Offer gamification, challenges, rewards, social communities.
  2. Scalable screening and monitoring – integrate wearables to continuously and scalably screen for early signs of fever via heart rate, sleep, and activity analysis
  3. Digital Health Coach – personalized digital coaching for scalable physical, mental and financial wellbeing content incorporating trusted sources of COVID information
  4. Telehealth introduces Tele-Dr’s, psychologists, health coaches, and connects to existing local providers.


“We’re forming a strong partnership, which allows our customers in North America to have access to one of the most innovative wellness products on the market. Our vision and mission align and both parties look forward to a bright future”.

– Angus Burke, CEO of EP Health

EP Health’s COVID Support programs and products are currently offering 3-Complimentary months. More information located here.


If your team is interested in chatting more about our COVID-19 Support programs, please click here.


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