Health Score

Employee Engagement

At EP Health, we believe there are three pillars of success in order to have a successful Wellness Program. Personalization, Collaboration and Teamwork.

However, these 3 pillars cannot be accomplished without employee engagement. Employee engagement is the most important factor to maintaining a successful Wellness Program. No matter how good the program is, if the employees are not actively engaging, desired results will not be achieved. Not only is initial adoption important but long term engagement as well.

We believe long term engagement is critical to success. That’s why EP Health has created a system to get employees onboarded and keep them engaged.

How EP Health Drives and Maintains Employee Engagement

EP Health uses three main components to maximize employee engagement: Gamification, Accountability and Communication.


Health Score that allows employees to see how they are doing

Studies have shown that the gamification of tasks leads to higher engagement. That’s why at EP health, we have created an Health Score that allows employees to see how they are doing compared to other individuals, teams and even other companies!

The Health Score is a point system not based solely on performance but on participation within the program as well. Our carefully designed point system allows employees of all levels of fitness and health a chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard.


We collect data and deliver the data for you

A study by The Economist Intelligence Unit found that two-thirds of HR executives feel data collection and interpretation is the biggest challenge in successfully implementing an employee wellness program.

That’s why we collect and deliver the data for you.

Our Wellness Manager provides bi-weekly reports to the “Lead Contact” at the your company. Keeping the Lead Contact informed of adoption/participation rates as well as highlighting the employees that are excelling gives HR the necessary knowledge needed to maintain a successful wellness program and accurately measure results.


Increase Engagement through Communication

Communication among team members is also important. That’s why EP Health offers weekly team conference meetings. Knowing that other coworkers are facing (and overcoming) health challenges similar to your own is a great way to drive engagement and keep people motivated. We are all in this together!