Wellness Professionals

  • Gerard Magennis BSc, CFT
    Gerard Magennis BSc, CFT Vancouver, BC

    With over 10+ years as a leader in the fitness industry, Gerard continues to passionately work with his clients on a results-focused approach. In his spare time, he truly lives the West Coast lifestyle and where you will find him hiking or on the water.

    Fun Fact: One hour workout is only 4% of your day.

  • Erin Levine BA, CNP
    Erin Levine BA, CNP Vancouver, BC

    Erin integrative approach encourages mindfulness, personal accountability, and close observation when working towards optimal health. Erin divides her practice between workplace wellness programs, private consultations (in person and remotely), and community health initiatives. In her spare time, she is either out for a long walk, hosting a dinner party, or on her yoga mat.

    Fun Fact: Did you know 1 serving of broccoli yields more Vitamin C than an orange?