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Have you always wanted six-pack abs? Doing crunches and targeting your abs is the best way to obtain a six pack…

This is a common misconception and doing sit-ups all day will not earn you a chiseled abdominal area. This is true of any part of your body. Spot reduction, as its known, does not work as it involved targeting muscles that are relatively small through isolation exercises. Spot reduction includes deliberately reducing fat stores in a specific area of the body. Local fat loss (or spot reduction) is done by exercising a specific part of the body to reduce fat in that area and there are little scientific grounds to support that targeting a specific area will result in that area losing fat as this is not how fat loss works. Adipose tissue, which is found in the abdominal area, does not exercise and fat loss will occur all over the body, as opposed to the specific area that was targeted. If a person completes sufficient exercise to achieve fat loss, it does not occur in the individual body part(s) that were exercised, but instead will occur over the body[1].

Focusing on a specific areas will help to strengthen those muscles but fat loss from those areas is not a likely outcome. Research has shown that spot reduction is not an effective way to reduce body fat and targeting problem areas through isolated exercises instead of through a comprehensive training approach will not provide you with the desired results. You can’t remove fat from one area by solely focusing on that area. If you are concerned about a problem area, you need to reduce your overall body fat.

There is a common saying in the fitness industry that abs are made in the kitchen. If you want a chiseled abdominal area, it takes hard work by committing to an exercise program and making significant dietary changes that support fat loss. If your goal is to get lean and make those abs pop, you will need to focus on your diet, first and foremost, consuming the correct breakdown of macronutrients and consuming high quality, unprocessed foods.

Aerobic exercise such as bicycling, swimming, and running are some of the best ways to drop body fat as these types of exercise draw upon fat stores for energy.

Muscle is the body’s primary fat burner and in order to reduce body fat, you must complete resistance training exercises. Resistance or strength training that involves compound movements working the body’s largest muscle groups such as squats, bench press, and dead lifts, will force your body to grow, improving muscle density, and allowing for definition of your muscles. While focusing on specific areas through spot reduction will not reduce the fat in that area, it will help to make that area stronger and you will see increased definition, when body fat is reduced. For building abs, core exercises still have a place in your exercise routine. Focusing on exercises that strengthen your core instead of completing sets after sets of sit-ups will be more beneficial as this will allow you to lift more weight when performing compound movements, resulting in more muscles being stressed and activated while burning more calories.

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[1] Petridou, A., Siopi, A., & Mougios, V. (2019). Exercise in the management of obesity. Metabolism, 92, 163–169.


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