EP Health gives sneak peak of Product Development

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 6th, 2020

EP Health gives a sneak peek of Product Development

Progressive Web app coming Q1

Boston, MA: EP Health’s CTO Michael Rosenstein announced today that the third phase of the product, a new progressive web app will be on schedule. The newest version of the product will give our users a first-class experience with the continued goal of bridging the personal connection of human and technology at scale. This will provide our current and future client base with unreal user experience and an overall happier and healthier workforce. 

“We’re hard at work developing the next version of our client application. It’s a “progressive” web app where mobile and desktop users both get a first-class experience. And of course, we’re following best practices for security and scalability. This is an exciting New Year for product development at EP Health!…”

-Michael Rosenstein, CTO at EP Health

Features and benefits of the new product will include:

  • More impactful and effective data analytics
  • AI customization at scale
  • More effective UI/UX and user flow

EP Health services and product are currently available, at very affordable prices depending on P.E.P.M. For more information on our product visit www.ephealth.co

EP Health is disrupting corporate wellness industry by its algorithm-based unique yet personalized employee wellness programs.

We solve the problem of low engagement and adoption rates of corporate wellness programs for medium-large-sized North American companies.

By using proprietary metrics, real-time data and highly personalized wellness plans based on occupation, lifestyle and personality type etc. we are able to improve employee engagement at an individual and company-wide level.



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