EP Health Hires Experienced CTO

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 21st, 2019

EP Health Hires Experienced CTO

Michael Rosenstein joins the EP Health Team

Vancouver, B.C.: EP Health Inc. today announced that Michael Rosenstein will be joining EP Health as our full-time CTO, effective September 21st, 2019.

Michael Rosenstein will be joining the company from Soft Robotics, where he was Senior Director of Software for 3 years. Michael will be bringing his 20+ years of experience to EP Health with the goal to create an innovative product that will impact thousands of employees with their personal health journey. He will be taking over the baton of where Matthew Rosenlund had led the product development up to this point of time.

Additionally, Michael’s experiences that will benefit EP Health moving forward include:

  • Senior Engineer & CTO for over 5 Companies
  • Vast business development skills
  • Expert in data analytics

“We’re over the moon thrilled to have Mike join the team as our full-time CTO. It’s very exciting to have someone build on the third phase of our product. To have such an experienced CTO gives us lots of confidence going into 2020. His expertise in data analytics is a perfect fit for our product and the direction we’re going in 2020.”

-Angus Burke, Founder and CEO at EP Health 

EP Health is disrupting corporate wellness industry by its algorithm-based unique yet personalized employee wellness programs.

We solve the problem of low engagement and adoption rates of corporate wellness programs for medium-large-sized North American companies.

By using proprietary metrics, real-time data and highly personalized wellness plans based on occupation, lifestyle and personality type etc. we are able to improve employee engagement at an individual and company-wide level.


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