EP Health hires Nutrition Expert

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EP Health hires Nutrition Expert

Sidney Shindle joins the EP Health Team

Vancouver, B.C.: EP Health Inc. today announced that Sidney Shindle will be joining EP Health as our Nutrition expert, effective March 30th, 2019. Sidney will be joining the company as our primary Nutrition expert.  She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and personality to the existing Health team. She was highly recommended as the top Sports Nutrition Educator by Infofit, based in Vancouver, B.C.

Additionally, Sidney’s experiences will benefit EP Health moving forward include:

  • Consultant
  • Instructor to wellness team
  • Vast health and wellness network

“Working with Sidney is a breeze. Our clients love her and she brings amazing personality, knowledge and experience. She aligns with our mission to bridge the gap between human connection and technology. We can’t wait to learn more from here int he upcoming years to come!”…

-Angus Burke, CEO and Founder at EP Health Inc.

EP Health is disrupting corporate wellness industry by its algorithm-based unique yet personalized employee wellness programs.

We solve the problem of low engagement and adoption rates of corporate wellness programs for medium-large-sized North American companies.

By using proprietary metrics, real-time data and highly personalized wellness plans based on occupation, lifestyle and personality type etc. we are able to improve employee engagement at an individual and company-wide level.

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