EP Health Signs Deal with City of Surrey

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EP Health Signs Deal with the City of Surrey

Vancouver, B.C.: EP Health’s CEO Angus Burke announced today that they’ve signed up the City of Surrey for a 4-month pilot. The program is in partnership with WellteQ and it includes 300 staff. The program will include all 3 modules of the WellteQ platform (Wellness, Mental Health, and Financial Literacy).  For more information about EP Health’s COVID-19 programs (Here).

“We’re very excited to be partnering with EP Health and WellteQ on this innovative initiative. Supporting the wellbeing of our staff is critical to the success of our organization and this is just another way we are demonstrating our commitment.” – Joey Brar, Director of Human Resources, City of Surrey

Highlights of Program:

  1. User Engagement – Offers personalized health engagement, team challenges, rewards and social communities. Providing user value equates to more users and more analytics.
  2. Scalable Screening and Monitoring – Integrates wearables for continuous and scalable screenings for early signs of fever via heart rate, sleep, and activity analysis.
  3. Digital Health Coach – Personalized digital coaching for scalable physical, mental and financial wellbeing content incorporating trusted sources of COVID-19 information.
  4. Telehealth* – Introduces Tele-Doctors, psychologists, health coaches, and connects to existing health and welfare providers.

“We’re forming a strong partnership, with one of the most innovative municipalities in Canada. They will be a Canadian leader in employee health and welfare”. – Angus Burke, CEO of EP Health

EP Health’s COVID Support programs and products are currently offering 3-Complimentary months. More information located here.

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