EP Health speaks to NY Times Best Seller Healthpreneur Yuri Elkaim

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“EP Health looks forward to continuing its partnership with Yuri Elkaim and his Healthprenour team! Yuri’s team is passionate about marketing and sales to companies in the ‘Health space’.  They’ve shaped the way we approach various aspects of our marking and sales strategies. As a former soccer player, strength and conditioning coach and Canadian it’s nice to have that common bond with someone you look for advice on.” 

-Angus Burke, Founder and CEO of EP Health

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“Today we take a deep dive with one of our Health Business Accelerator Graduates, Angus Burke who has over 10 years in the industry.

He is the founder of EP Health, had recently sold a fitness company and had a strength and conditioning company.

His company, EP Health, is a B2B company working with HR Companies and is looking to refine his funnel at a higher conversion rate using email marketing, LinkedIn and Phone Calls.

Angus’s audience lives primarily on LinkedIn and we spoke in depth about to best use LinkedIn to use social engagement to spark enrollment.

We also spoke about how to best use social content on LinkedIn, how frequently to post and how to use social engagement to best initiate conversation using DM’s to build relationships with prospects.

If you’re curious as to how to best use LinkedIn to build social engagement and prospects, you’ll want to grab a pen and take notes.  The same principles we talk about using LinkedIn can also be used with Instagram and Facebook.”

Courtesy of:  https://healthpreneurgroup.com/using-linkedin-to-sell-corporate-wellness/




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