🚩Are You a Progressive Employer? Maybe You Need To Re-Think Your Strategy

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Companies are now recognizing the importance of being progressive. The appeal to flexibility, culture, and health are critical in recruiting and retaining Millennials. That said, what is being a progressive employer anyway? And, once a start-up hits a certain saturation point do they lose that? Let’s break down some important points that companies can easily achieve and move on with some old-school thoughts.

Let’s start with the notion that people need to be in 1 place for “X amount of hours”. Once they’re done with the arbitrary 8 hours of work and 30 minutes of lunch. They get back into their metal box for 30 minutes and sit in traffic while listening to a hyped radio DJ talk about Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend. There must be a better way? Right?

Research has shown, people are only effective for 3 hours of time and need different environments, physical stimuli, and flexibility to be the most effective. The whole notion of working in one environment for the whole day dates back to the industrial revolution and then the era of the Ford Motor Company (Inc.com, 2016).


There has not been a better time to promote working from home, co-working space, coffee-shop etc. Striking a work/home balance will depend on the specific company but it’s clear the shift has already started to happen. The technology is here, the evidence is proven, there is money to be saved and the environment will thank us.

Here is a good example, I started EP Health while travelling around the world with fellow nomads and entrepreneurs. I met my current team all remotely. We represent 2 countries and many time zones. Are there extra challenges with this? Definitely. But, it can absolutely be done.



Various companies such as WY_CO, Remote Year and dozens of other co-working/co-living spaces are starting to see this trend and you’re seeing a real shift towards this type of flexible work/travel world.

Culture is another thing that has seen a major shift. Work attire, health programs, and social events are all important factors when recruiting and retaining young professionals. Work attire, of course, varies depending on the industry, occasion and region of the globe you occupy. But for the most part, people are seeking the casual approach.

I understand that social norms of specific “attire” will always be a thing, but if I am just sitting in a chair for most the day and my attire doesn’t make an impact, why should I have to make that extra effort? As a CEO, should you not be looking at effectiveness and efficiency? Instead a lot of the time this poor Joe is buying a new Nordstrom’s dress shirt and spending his free time ironing just to impress his crush at Human Resources.

Positive and healthy social events are also becomingly increasingly popular. This could be incorporating a modern corporate wellness program that promotes monthly health challenges or ordering healthy foods for your staff on Friday’s. The inclusion of ping-pong tables, beer kegs, and board games are now becoming a fabric of a progressive employer.

In the end, why wouldn’t companies start implementing these changes? With proven examples of increased productivity and efficiency and the financial savings for both the employee and employer, it seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? The fact is change is usually hard to come by and that has been proven over time.

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Angus Burke

Founder of EP Health

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