🚩 Why your Leadership Team NEEDS to be on-board with Wellness

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Does your leadership team believe in wellness at the workspace?

I hope so, because, “Studies show a clear correlation between senior management support and higher levels of employee participation in health and wellness programs”. It comes down to creating a positive company culture and leadership plays a major role in defining that. 

Higher adoption rates in correlation to wellness programs have a direct connection with the buy-in from management. This is not rocket science, it’s creating a healthy and positive work environment. If your supervisor dresses casual and bikes to work each day, you’re more likely going to feel inclined that those behaviours are encouraged.

“…Two-thirds of organizations with strong leadership and cultural support reported improvements in health risks whereas only 26 percent of those with little or no support reported improvements”.


In the end, leadership and management need to see the tangible benefits that health can make on the corporate environment or changes are hard to come by.

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Angus Burke

Founder of EP Health




Ed Emerman, “Large U.S. Employers Eye Changes to Health Care Delivery System as Cost to Provide Health Benefits Nears $15,000 per Employee,” National Business Group on Health, (August 7, 2018).

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